Why a Second Passport May Benefit You

Since you’ve found your way to our website, you may already have reasons for acquiring a second passport. Securing a second passport can be an important step to protecting your interests – and possibly your life.

Reasons to consider a second passport via citizenship through investment include:

  • Your country limits your investments or business interests.
  • Your government excessively taxes your income, capital and assets worldwide.
  • Traveling under your current passport may put you at additional risk of terrorism or mistreatment.
  • Your government restricts or monitors your travel.
  • Your passport associates you with an unpopular country toward which other people or governments have negative attitudes.
  • Your country requires you or your children to perform national service or go into the military.
  • Your country is unstable, meaning your passport could become useless, be recalled or be cancelled.
  • Your passport requires frequent renewals or extensions that are inconvenient to you.
  • You would like to change your permanent residency address.
  • You want to protect yourself and your family against repercussions or other misfortunes that you can’t fully explain.


Your reasons are your own, but getting the second passport you want is our business. We’ve helped hundreds of people meet their goals through this ethical, innovative and effective program. We can help you expand your interests, protect you and your family, and improve the quality of your life.

Ready to get started? Let us explain how you can get a second passport. Citizenship through investment may be your best course of action, and getting started on a path toward greater freedom is as easy as contacting us now.