Visa-Free Travel

When you invest through Caribbean Passport in a country that provides a second passport via a citizenship through investment program, one of the benefits is visa-free travel to countries around the world.

A visa is a document that allows you to enter a country, but getting one can be difficult for some people based on their specific situation. Some governments have mutual agreements that make a visa unnecessary for their passport holders. Nations choose to participate in these kinds of relationships for a variety of reasons — to encourage tourism, to encourage business development, or possibly because the nations share a political friendship or alliance.

With your second passport, you may be able to travel quicker and with less red tape than you did before. You may even be able to reach countries that are completely inaccessible with your current passport for a variety of political reasons. But rest assured, gaining a second passport with Caribbean Passport is easy and affordable.

While the exact list of visa-free travel destinations varies depending on the country you invest in, you could gain access to over 130 countries — including the United Kingdom, Canada, and European Union nations; and the list is constantly expanding.