About Us

At Caribbean Passport we specialize in helping individuals get a fast-track second passport from a tropical paradise in as little as three to five months. Working with the governments of Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis, we help clients like you obtain full citizenship through investment that’s legal, ethical and beneficial in so many ways.

To make sure everything goes smoothly for you, we have local lawyers and professional offshore consultants in the jurisdictions with which we work who are ready to help you get an irrevocable second passport.

What’s even better, you never have to live in the nation you work with — and you get many tax benefits as well as additional personal freedoms. Intrigued? Explore this site to learn the specifics.

We’re the friend at your side as you navigate the process of getting second citizenship. We make sure your forms are complete and accurate, and then we do what we can on a daily basis to make sure your application goes through official channels quickly.

We have more than 12 years of experience guiding families through citizenship through investment programs. You see, it’s not just you who benefits; your spouse and children can get citizenship and passports in many cases also.

We keep you informed every step of the way — no matter how big the time or cultural differences are between these island nations and your place of origin.

No matter what your reasons are, Caribbean Passport can help you to obtain a second citizenship. Does your current nationality restrict travel visas, limit opportunities for your children or cause you personal security concerns? If so, we can help.

Do you need to make some decisions to protect your wealth and your business? We can help with that too. When you choose to get a second passport, you gain enormous benefits — including tax planning advantages, greater banking privacy and new investment opportunities.

Finally, once you get your second citizenship, we’re here to help and support you with other services like opening bank accounts, getting driving licenses and whatever other obstacles, challenges or opportunities you encounter.

Ready to get started? Helping people get what they want is our business, so contact us now. Let us go to work by improving your life, strengthening your business and securing your future with second citizenship through investment.